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UConn Football Schedule Predictions

Amid all the conference realignment talk that is causing UConn fans to go crazy, football season is rapidly approaching and to get your minds off of things we decided to give you our prediction of UConn's upcoming season. While Im a firm believer in Bob Diaco and this years teams ability to go 12-0 and shock the world, I decided to take a more realistic outlook on this season when making my predictions. 

Week 1: 9/1 vs Maine

After bad experiences with FCS schools (Towson) and barely beating out Villanova last year some may think you may have to pay more attention on this game than you think but where Bob Diaco has this group going those days are behind us. Maine is a much easier opponent than Villanova was last year and UConn should be able to seize the opportunity and start the year on a high note. With an energized crowd ready for the season to finally begin Bob and co. should have this one in the bag.

31-10 (1-0)

Week 2: 9/10 @ Navy

The Keenan Renoylds era is now over at Navy and UConn will need to take advantage if they want to stay undefeated to start the year. After one of the best QB's to come through Navy they will have to adjust to a new quarterback and UConn getting them early in the season is perfect if UConn is gonna pull this one off. Look for it to be a tight battle with two great defenses playing but the Huskies will build off of their win vs Maine to propel themselves to a victory at Navy.

21-17 (2-0)

Week 3: 9/17 vs Virginia 

This may be the game where fans finally start to turn up and start going to games finally giving the Huskies some real home field advantage. If the Huskies are 2-0 coming into this game it will be all the more reason to fill the Rent and give UConn the support they deserve. After missing a bowl game and finishing with a 4-8 record there isn't much room for improvement this year meaning it will be close but with home field advantage i will give the edge to UConn. 

24-21 (3-0)

Week 4: 9/24 vs Syracuse

Making the trek down from Canada, Syracuse will be the second straight ACC Opponent the Huskies will play. Last season the Orange were awful on the road and hopefully the inability to win on the road continues at the Rent. If UConns defense can control the game they will put them in a good position to get the victory.  Bob Diaco has enough up his sleeve to put another win in the column.

24-23 (4-0)

Week 5: 9/29 @ Houston

The hardest game on the schedule comes on the road and its not going to be easy. After pulling off one of the most improbable upsets of the year, ending up ruining Houston's shot at a CFP spot and a perfect season its safe to say Houston will be out for revenge against the Huskies. Pulling the upset off last year was no easy task but facing the Cougars backup quarterback was one factor and Greg Ward being under center for the Cougars adds a new aspect to the Houston offense as hes not only one of the best G5 quarterbacks, but in many reporters top 5 qbs for all teams. The Huskies may put up a fight but if picking one game to be extremely unlikely to win its this one. Houston gives UConn their first loss of the year.

42-27 (4-1)

Week 6: 10/8 vs Cincinnati

On the basketball court UConn tends to get the best of the Bearcats when it matters just look at the last two AAC tournaments, but when it comes to football its the other way around with Cinci tending to beat up on UConn year after year. Despite being at home Cinci is one team the Huskies cant shake and look for the same as last year with the Husky offense just not able to keep up which ends up causing UConns second loss of the year. I want to pencil in a UConn dub but until UConn can beat them once its hard to predict another outcome with them having our number lately.

35-17 (4-2)

Week 7: 10/15 @ USF

UConns toughest part of the schedule will conclude after the USF game but unfortunately it wasnt very kind to the Huskies. The bulls are primed for having a breakout season and potentially a dark horse candidate for the AAC and although many are claiming this team is over hyped they will be one of the toughest QB/RB combos we face all year and will be a tough team to shake. It will be close but in the end I give the nod to USF and after a terrific start to the year the Huskies drop their 3rd straight. 

27-21 (4-3)

Week 8: 10/22 vs UCF

The perfect game to break their losing streak is indeed the highly anticipated game, The conFLiCT. After Bob Diaco created a trophy out of the blue UConn went on to blow by UCF in their own stadium in the middle of a 0-12 season for the knights. This year wont be any different despite a new coach for the Knights and UConn will once again raise the trophy winning easily and getting their season back on track.

42-13 (5-3)

Week 9: 10/29 @ East Carolina

East Carolina is the biggest unknown on the schedule as they have the ability to look like a team that can upset anyone on a given night or be the exact opposite and be an easy opponent for many. Given the game is in Carolina which is always a tough place to play this game is virtually a tossup but Bob Diaco will have some tricks up his sleeve that will get the Huskies a victory and more importantly bowl eligible.

35-31 (6-3)

Week 10: 11/4 vs Temple

In the past Temple has been virtually a better version of the Huskies. Look for that to change this year as the Huskies will gain a slight advantage due to a game with a ricking crowd at the Rent on a Friday night until Arkeel breaks a couple tackles and scoring an 80 yard touchdown in the fourth opening the game up for the Huskies.

28-17 (7-3)

Week 11: Bye Week

Week 12: 11/19 @Boston College

This is the game where UConn fans take over Alumni Stadium and outnumber BC fans 2:1. This is also the game where the first one to get points on the board will win. Both defenses will be extremely elite therefore the better offensive team should get the victory which is good news for the Huskies seeing Boston College has one of the most atrocious offenses you have ever seen. The Huskies will get the close victory in what will be a defensive battle for both teams.

13-7 (8-3)

Week 13: 11/26 vs Tulane

Last years matchup wasn't very interesting as the Huskies took the victory on a rainy field in New Orleans. This years match up might not be any better because of the cold weather. Since the Huskies are used to this it shouldn't be a problem and they will be able to handle Tulane easily cruising to a victory. Plus teams tend to fall apart during late season games at the Rent, just ask Houston.

24-10 (9-3)

We still went with a pretty positive outlook this season locking the in at 9-3 so lets hope our predictions come true or even better, Bob proves us wrong and does better than expected. Overall this Husky team could be very unpredictable and be 6-6 just as easy as 9-3 with a couple bad breaks and injuries. That being said #InBobWeTrust and hopefully he can keep leading his squad to more and more victories each year. Go Huskies!!!!

Richard Hamilton Eyes an NBA Comeback

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After retiring 3 years ago, Richard Hamilton, the Husky alum will be looking for a comeback into the NBA, per CBS Sports

After getting picked 7th overall in the 1999 NBA draft, this UConn and Piston legend spent 14 years in the NBA. It is reported that he told CBS Sports that while his agent is putting his name out across the league he will be trying to get himself back into top shape. The 38 year old, 3 time all-star averaged just over 17 points per game in his career, leading both UConn and Detroit to NCAA championship in 1999 and an NBA championship in 2004, respectively. 

With all the money being thrown around in the NBA you can't blame Hamilton joining fellow UConn alum Ray Allen in the search for finding a team. 

Best of luck to Hamilton on his attempt at an NBA comeback.

UConn Men's Basketball: Ray Allen pursued by Golden State Warriors

Former UConn Huskies legend, Ray Allen may not be done with his NBA career just yet. Basketball reporter, Alex Kennedy has stated through Twitter Golden State's intention to recruit Allen. 

After losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals this past season, Golden State has gone all out to ensure they are once again the NBA champions. They recently swayed superstar free agent Kevin Durant to depart from Oklahoma City. Now they look to improve their roster with the addition of future Hall of Famer, Ray Allen. 

Allen last appeared in a NBA back in 2014, competing in Game 5 of the Finals. During that regular season, Allen appeared in 73 games, averaging about 10 points per game and shooting 37% from deep. Historically, Allen is the greatest three-point shooter of all-time.