Daniel Hamilton Departure and What Lies Ahead

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

First reported by Sam Cassell, ex-UConn player, and then later confirmed by Dom Amore of the Hartford Courant, Daniel Hamilton will hire an agent and not return to Storrs for his junior year. This was a surprise to many since Hamilton is so raw with his game many believed another year for the Huskies would have not only improved his game, but his draft stock since as of now he was a projected 2nd rounder in 2017. Despite him announcing he was declaring he didn't hire an agent, at first meaning he can still return like Brimah and Purvis. He then decided to hire an agent today and said he didn't want to enter just to do it he was all the way in.  While Twitter was not very happy with this decision, the details were very unclear why he left. It was stated that Kevin Ollie told Hamilton that he thought the best decision was to stay another year but Dan and his family thought differently. This delivers a major blow to next years squad as it was looking to be a very special and talented team that had a good shot at a top 10 rating plus a deep tournament run. Hamilton is at best a late second round pick but most likely heading overseas instead of another year in college and then possibly a first round pick.

After the Huskies best all around player left for the draft this team could now be in some trouble next year. With an excellent recruiting class coming in and the development of Adams, Brimah, and Purvis this team could be talented but maybe not as elite or great it could have been.  The Huskies may look into 5th year transfers to secure the holes in the team which includes frontcourt and backcourt depth and rebounding. Hamilton was the the Huskies best rebounder and passer often playing point for them. Another option is true freshman although this team is still very young.

While we wish nothing but the best for Hamilton and want to see him succeed it never really seemed he was invested into the program as much as other players such as Shabazz or Boatright because he often looked bored or effortless in some games. Good luck and best wishes to you Dan.